The Sultan Is Also Called By The Name Sultan Muhammad Shafiuddin

988Sport – He died in 1659 m, and was succeeded by his son, sultan Zainuddin who ordered in 1717 m. and the people of Tanjung Peninsula were truly prosperous and the opportunity for da’wah was greatly expanded so that the sultan’s daughters were given the title of khalifa in the Arab country.

After the sultan of Zainuddin died, he was replaced by his son, Kamaluddin, who was sultan Mu Izzuddin who after the kingdom of Tanjungpura was the first center of Islamic education in West Kalimantan. A great scholar from Arabia named Shaykh Maghribi respected in Tanjungpura so that when the Shaykh died in the earth next to the tomb of Sultan Zainuddin 2 which in the year and the tombstone was written the number 1244 m or 1822.

actually the kingdom of Sambas Islam is a fragment of the Peninsula kingdom. Before the king of Sambas, named king, was married to the son of King Tanjungpura, who was named the solar queen and from this marriage their son was born named Raden Sulaiman who was appointed king at Sambas.

He was given the title syafeuddin Sultan and since then the Sambas kingdom proclaimed from him to be the Sultan of Islam. Declining in 1812, there was a war with the British empire that colonized this country. England only lasted one year here. even though the English had succeeded in mastering parts of West Kalimantan, Sarawak, Sabah and Brunei, then they left Sambas and other sultanates in Indonesia.

the government has been under the authority of the president of the Republic of Indonesia, which at the provincial level is headed by a governor and district level in the head of a regent. Seven ulama from tarim had an Arabic ceremony landing in West Kalimantan in 1720 m among them there was a name called Syarif Idrus. he dwelt for a long time under the auspices of the Islamic school of Islamic boarding schools because of the growth of students and their participants, who ended up searching for locations in the interior

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